I love Larry Ruzzo of San Jose Dry Carpet Cleaners. He has helped me out on several carpet jobs, both residential and commercial. I would recommend him to anyone. Lots of glowing recommendations for him and he lives in WG!
-Cheers, Sherri

Thank you, Elist, for the great recommendation of Larry Ruzzo and his company, San Jose Dry Carpet Cleaners! We setup our cleaning yesterday with only a couple days notice. Larry was great! He gave us an honest assessment of what really needed to be done and quoted it all in detail based on the square footage of the areas he was going to clean. He worked quickly, but also explained to my husband everything that was going on. He went above and beyond in a few spots and we are really happy with the results. The process doesn't involve water or stinky chemicals so the carpet has a faint orange smell at the end and there is no drying time. We were able to restore our rooms to normal quickly after he was done. We had some tough stains to get out as we have kids and carpet in the dining room. But, the room now looks as good as new! Whohoo! Now to have some friends over!
-Tanya @ Dry Creek Village

I think someone was asking about carpet cleaning recently and I wanted to say Larry Ruzzo from San Jose Dry Carpet Cleaners came out and did a fantastic job today on my very stained carpet. He even got an old red wine stain out that I never thought we'd get rid of. Larry uses a "green" carpet cleaning system. Fast, affordable and a great job!
-Dianne Rambke

I've used Larry now for a few years and am very pleased. Recomended to a few friends who also used him and happy with his work too.

I have used Larry three times with great results! They did my carpets this weekend and they came out great! Larry is a local business so let’s help support him!
-Debby McCarty

My wife and I second Debby’s recommendation…..Larry and his son did a great job on our carpets a few months back. Would like to heartily recommend Larry Ruzzo, San Jose Dry Carpet Cleaners, for your carpet cleaning needs. He’s fast, friendly, and local.
-Bonnie and Mike Dines
Jonathan Ave.

This is Jessica from 19th street. Thank you so much! The carpet looks wonderful! I plan on getting the carpet in a bedroom cleaned, probably next week.
-Thanks J Jessica Hooper

Larry Ruzzo is the owner and a Willow Glen resident. They do great work. They use a dry carpet cleaning method called the HOST Dry Extraction Carpet Cleaning System that I didn’t believe would work but it does an excellent job in cleaning my carpets and is much quicker than the wet shampoo methods used by other companies. I recently needed my carpets cleaned. My carpets had not been cleaned in a number of months and had suffered greatly through a roommate’s move. I called San Jose Dry Carpet Cleaning and used their services. They cleaned my carpets and in a short time and returned them to near new condition. They did it without having to shampoo the carpet. They also cleaned some oriental drop rugs I had in the house without prompting on my part. I was very happy with the results. His prices are reasonable. I highly recommend San Jose Dry Carpet Cleaning in Willow Glenn.
-Don Heinsen

Ditto! Larry and his son came on short notice and did an excellent job, plus I loved the dry system they used, no waiting for carpets to dry.
-Dianne Rambke

Yes, I have used Larry too. He is great and guarantees his work. I used others in the past. I’m sticking with Larry!!!
-Cathy Marshall

I agree, Larry is really good!!
-Michele Baker

I just had my carpets done by Larry Ruzzo. He moved furniture, cleaned carpets in 2 rooms, stairs, hallway, and area rugs. It took less then half a day. When he was done, there was no waiting for the carpets to dry, no little papers or foil under the legs of furniture. He got spots out that I thought would never come out. Non-toxic, a rather nice orangey-smell while he was working, but no odor at all a few hours later. Have you already guessed? I highly recommend him!
-Shirley Worth

Hey there. I wanted to tell you how FABULOUS my carpet is! I am on the floor with my baby a lot and it’s so clean. I’m being very good, have a new vacuum, make people take their shoes off inside, so I can keep it in good condition for my little “rug rat!”

I have had San Jose Dry Carpet Cleaning come to my house and do a wonderful job. My front walkway in my house was a disaster after a rainy weekend of having people over. Larry did a wonderful job of cleaning up my whole living room, he even did the stairs for me! I didn’t find any of the “saw dust” in my house. Even my stairs were perfect! Every piece of furniture was put back into its spot in my living room. My house looked better then when I first moved in.
Happy Customer!
Thomas McCollum

The carpets look wonderful! Thanks for your hard work.
-Jennifer Russell

We just had our carpets professionally cleaned by San Jose Dry Carpet Cleaners and we highly recommend them!! They have reasonable rates, are willing to travel to this area, and are all-around nice people to deal with. An extra perk is that they use a dry carpet cleaning system that’s non-toxic. We didn’t have to wait around for our carpets to dry and our 3 kids could run around on them as soon as they were finished. We are exceptionally pleased with how fresh our carpets look and smell like now! If you need a reliable, hard-working carpet cleaning company, we urge you to give them a call.
-The Muellers

I first heard of Larry Ruzzo of San Jose Dry Carpet Cleaners through a Craigslist posting. When I asked him to come clean my carpet, he not only came on time, but cleaned it with such a wonderful dry technique that my kids were walking and crawling on it within a half hour. This would never be possible with steam cleaning, as we heard through friends who’ve had their carpets steamed cleaned and said that it took several hours for their carpets to dry as well as for the damp odor to go away. Using the dry Host system, there’s a really light refreshing scent but then it goes away as quickly as it dries, so I felt totally at ease with my young kids crawling around on it. And sure enough, a couple weeks after Larry cleaned my carpet, my one year old had a diaper accident on the carpet (I won’t get into gross details) and I immediately called Larry in for an emergency cleaning. He quickly came to our rescue the next day and got the stain out…leaving pretty much no visible evidence that the accident ever occurred! So if you’ve got any carpets to be cleaned, Larry Ruzzo’s the guy to get the job done!
K. Tran

San Jose Dry Carpet Cleaners has maintained our carpets at Classic Custom Vacations in downtown San Jose since 1996 and we are satisfied.They clean all our carpeting at their own discretion.
Randy Rowe-Operations-Classic Custom Vacations
San Jose, CA

I was amazed at how clean my carpets came out after using San Jose Dry Carpet Cleaners. I live in a flat in San Francisco that has wall to wall carpets that probably haven't been changed in 10 or more years. I thought it was hopeless getting them cleaned, especially since my landlord said they had already been steam cleaned. I don't like the way steam cleaning leaves your carpets wet and musty for days after being cleaned. The moisture picks up more dirt waiting to dry as well. I love the fact that there is no drying time with Mr. Ruzzo's method. I also found Mr. Ruzzo to be very pleasant, professional and efficient. I highly recommend San Jose Dry Carpet Cleaning to anyone.
Judea Eden
San Francisco, Ca

Murison's Interiors in Willow Glen has referred San Jose Dry Carpet Cleaners since 1985 to our customers and we are very pleased with the results.
Ed Lacina-owner-Murison's Interiors,
San Jose, CA

I have found Host Carpet Cleaning is one of the best ways to clean your carpet. The substance does not wet your carpet like most carpet cleaners. It is effective and has a clean orange scent. It leaves your carpet fresh and the way it looked prior to the incident. I am quite satisfied with this method and in ten years of its usage I have never found any other products with better results.
Barbara Morrone
San Jose, Ca

I have used Larry to clean my carpets as well as my clients for a while now. I've found his work to be very thorough and of high quality. I'm very happy with the Host System that San Jose Dry Carpet Cleaners uses. I especially like the no drying time. I recommend San Jose Dry Carpet Cleaners first to my clients and friends that need carpet cleaning.
Robert Higgins VII
Los Gatos Properties, Inc.

We have been most pleased with the prompt, efficient and personal service we have always received from San Jose Dry Carpet Cleaners. With two dogs in the house, the carpets take a beating; but the dry cleaning process which you use has always brought them back into perfect condition.
Reverend Gregory Ingels
Menlo Park, Ca

Larry Ruzzo's carpet service has impeccable service and results. Thank you for making my carpets exceptionally clean.
Dr. Elizabeth M. Sordyl
Los Gatos, Ca